About Brad

Age - 28
Height - 6'0"
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Brown
Education - B. A. in Speech Communication and Marketing
Occupation - Business Management
Languages - Portuguese, Spanish

Things I like:
Cereal, Milk, Lemons, Reading, Pickles, Rocky, Running, Basketball, Chips and Salsa, Fitness, Recycling, Comedies, Track & Field, High Scores, Piano Music, Brazilian Food, Swimming, Scriptures, Foreign Languages, The Cold Side of my Pillow, Cartoons, Sidewalk Chalk, Board Games.

I grew up in Oklahoma where I got involved in running track and cross country with friends. I loved the challenge of a long race and the accomplishment of beating my goal time. Running is my favorite hobby because of the sense of freedom and strength that I feel during a run. I ran all through high school and my freshman year of college. Now I run for leisure, though occasionally I have to sprint at the end of a 5K race just so an old man doesn't beat me. 

On my mission in Brazil, I gained a huge desire and passion for learning.  I thought that if I could learn a language then I can learn anything. I studied the gospel principles deeply and applied them to people I worked with.  In school at Utah State University I found the study of human communication very intriguing. I read a lot of books on communication behavior and have found it useful in every day life. I was able to teach a lab for the Public Speaking class which I loved!

One thing that drives me is progression or always improving so that you can look back and see how far you've come. I love the challenge of going into a work project or a failing office and turn it around and being able to make a positive impact. The most important thing that I carry with me at my work is an easy going, positive attitude. During a high stress day at work, I just tell a few jokes, get some laughs and call it a day.

Missy about Brad

I like lists and I like Brad so I thought I'd combine the two:

  • -I love that Brad is so dedicated to our family.  He works so hard for us.  After I had graduated and he was still in school, he worked three jobs while going to school full time just so I could stay home with Abi.
  • -I love that he always makes me feel pretty, even when I haven't showered in days.
  • -I love how good he is with kids.  The moment I realized I loved him was when he was playing with his little sister (she's 13 years younger than him). Every little kid he's ever met is drawn to him.
  • -I love what a good dad his is to our little girl.  He'll get down on the floor to play with her, dress up like a princess for her and make all sorts of humiliating voices and animal noises just to make her laugh.
  • -I love how much he loves the church and the scriptures.  His testimony is an example to me every day.
  • -I love his desire for learning and bettering himself.  He is very goal oriented and is not easily swayed from those goals.
  • -I love that he makes me laugh.  He is really funny and can be so silly sometimes.
  • -I love how much he loves to run and push his body physically.  I'm a huge wimp so I really admire his "mind over body" attitude.
  • -I love that he loves chick flicks just as much as guy movies (his favorite movie is "You've Got Mail" - don't tell him I told you that).
  • -I love how easy going he is and how he can calm people down. And I love his ability to get things done without stepping on toes or hurting feelings.