About Abi

Age - 4
Height - growing fast!
Hair - Blonde
Eyes - Brown
Education - Preschool

Things She likes(in her own words):
drawing & painting, playing, making music, meeting new friends, playing with my stuffed animals, pretending, reading, pepperoni, smelling flowers, fruit snacks, chasing butterflies, going to school, shopping, animals, riding my bike

Abigail Kay was born in June of 2008, a month after Missy graduated from Utah State University. She was a very happy and calm baby, and still is. She is extremely friendly and outgoing. We generally are known as “Abi’s parents” rather than Brad and Missy for the first little while when we move to a new neighborhood since Abi wastes no time in winning everyone over.

Abi loves pretending, especially with her ponies and doll house. We love to just sit and listen to all the adventures she and her “friends” have. She has one very special friend named Giford. He’s her stuffed kitty that she drags around everywhere. Her new favorite thing is Preschool.  She asks every night if she gets to go to school the next day.

She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite songs to sing at bedtime before prayers are “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Old McDonald,” “I’m a Child of God,” and “I Love to see the Temple.” Her favorite movies are any about princesses or animals and she’s never read a book she didn’t like.